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Healing Nature Eye Mask


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Ascam Corporation


Healing Nature Eye Mask


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An eye mask using various layers of effective material. Recommended for anyone who could use a comfortable night of sleep. Great for business trips, and naps in the car as well.

● Do you know melatonin?

"Melatonin" is a sleeping hormone that adjusts sleep patterns by lowering blood pulse, body temperature and blood pressure. The darker it is when you sleep, the more the melatonin is produced, so wearing an eye mask is strongly recommended. Blocking light reduces the stress to the brain and induces deeper sleep. 

● Light shielding effect of eye mask!

Kinokoto’s eye masks have comfortable fit and shields light properly. The ceramic charcoal used on the inside makes it very relaxing as well. Even if you turn off the lights in your room, various lights from outside tend to leak through the curtains. Effectively shut them out with a strong eye mask. 

● When you wake up, take in sunlight!

The eye mask relaxes the eyes and encourages high quality sleep. When you get up in the morning, be sure to take in a lot of sunlight. Not only is it refreshing, but taking in sunlight leads to better production of melatonin. 

[kinokoto] it is a brand that advocates a functional and environment-sensitive lifestyle, valuing “human feelings" and "trees". What we are aiming for is a lifestyle that works for both humans and the forests. 

For 15 years, we have used natural materials including wood, silk, cotton and leather, as well as “ceramic charcoal" that we produce, to make products that are human- and environment-friendly. Everything is "Made in Japan", because we value the feelings of Japanese people and the culture of making things.

■ Size details (mm): height 9 x width 18 x Thickness 0.5 cm 

■ Weight (item only) [g]: 70 

■ Weight (including packing materials) [g]: 80 

■ Materials / Ingredients: Exterior layer (cotton), middle layer (urethane), internal layer (carbonized dyed organic cotton), rubber, fastener 

■ Made in Shizuoka 

■ Brand name: kinokoto 

■ [How to Use] Wear on your eyes before sleeping. [How to wash] Hand wash, or put in a net and wash in a washing machine. Please use neutral detergents. Please do not put in microwave oven. 

■ Other: Do not microwave. If we are out of stock, it may take a while for the product to arrive, as we will start making the product after we receive your order. 

Item No. V02326999028
Jan: 4538083000816

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