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The Edwin brand first encountered jeans 70 years ago.
Edwin is now the jeans manufacturer with the largest production line in Japan, and has its own factories in Akita and Aomori Prefectures in Tohoku.
Just as rice is grown, polished, and brewed into sake, Edwin creates high quality with its unique innovations in a setting where the bountiful natural environment coexists with Japanese sensibilities.
Edwin has fostered a unique jeans-making culture, and sewn and washed denim to create countless innovative jeans designs.


To make an ideal pair of jeans,
a unique concept and standard in every detail of design is essential.
The thread, the fabric, the sewing, the fit, the prewashed finish….
We are particular about every process.


To evolve jeans, the fabric must be evolved first.
EDWIN has worked together with a Japanese fabric company
to analyze every process of jeans-making.
It is pursuing and developing fabrics that resonate with t
he product concept from the choice of materials
to dye and weave.


No jeans can be called [the Real Deal] without the delicate yet durable stitches.
The rendering of the silhouette down to a millimeter and the unique sewing
that is also durable are achieved
by the expert skills and sensibility of the craftsmen.


Originated by EDWIN, [Washing] is now a world standard,
and is indispensible in adding style to jeans. EDWIN’s washing technique,
which has planted the culture of [washing] in jeans for the first time,
has now established itself as a world standard.
The unique expression created by washing has given new value to jeans.


EDWIN has been leading the world in developing innovative washing processes for making jeans
from the One Washed in the early 60s to the Old Washed in 1975 and the Stone Washed in the 80s.
It has a history of providing new and fashionable style to jeans.


The code number printed in the inside care label is the quality certificate of jeans.
By a unique production lot number system, all jeans can be
traced [when], [where], [who] and [how] through its production process.
By establishing the complete traceability system through its production process,
not only it canprove no harmful substances have been used,
but it can also prove that the environment for the manufacturing staff
is safe and that safety and humans right are ensured.

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